Chamber works

Flow I (2015)
for violin, violoncello and pipa
fl. vlc. pipa

Flow II (2015)
for violin, violoncello, pipa, bassoon, percussion and voice
fl. vlc. pipa perc. voc.

Flow III (2015)
for oboe (or clarinet) and piano
cl. pf.

Flow IV (2015)
for violin and piano
vl. pf.

The floating sonnet (2015)
for violin and piano
fl. pf.
Duration: 9’

Second Breath (2012)
for soprano and piano (plays Tibetan finger cymbals)
sop., pf. (Tibetan finger-cym.)
Duration: 8’

Shape of the hour (2012)
for violin and piano
fl. pf.
Duration: 40’

String quartet no. 3: Calligraffiti (2012)
for string quartet
vl. I, vl. II., vla., vc.
Duration: 15’

Two shades (2012)
for violin and piano
fl. pf.
Duration: 13’

Book of the forgotten (2009)
1. for oboe and viola
2. for clarinet and viola
3. Duration: 15’

String quartet no. 2: The flag project (2009)
for vl. I, vl. II, vla., vc. and tibetan finger cymbals
Duration: 14’

Drama Theatre II: Shifting shades
for violoncello, percussion, pianoforte, police-whistle and eighteen beer bottles
vc., perc., pf., poice whis.,18 beer bottles
Duration: 17’

Drama III: Written on the wind (2008)
for voice and pip
voc., pipa
Duration: 13’

Elegy: sounds ever slow (2008)
for soprano and string quartet
sop. str.
Duration: 7’

Shifting shades (2008)
for piano with police whistles and beer bottles
Duration: 15’

Wind blows… (2007)
1. for violin and pianoforte or marimba
2. for viola and pianoforte or marimba
3. for violoncello and pianoforte or marimba
4. for flute and pianoforte or marimba
5. for oboe and pianoforte or marimba
6. for clarinet and pianoforte or marimba
7. for bassoon and pianoforte or marimba
8. for trumpet and pianoforte or marimba
9. for sheng and pianoforte or marimba
10. for pipa and pianoforte or marimba
11. for Chinese flute and pianoforte or marimba
Duration: 6’

Leaving Sao (2005)
for soprano and string quartet
sop. str.
Duration: 12’

String quartet no. 1: The Three Tenses (2009)
for vl. I, vl. II, vla., vc.
Duration: 15’

The three tenses (2005)
1. for string quintet
2. for brass quintet: tpt.1, tpt. 2, hn., trb. and btrb. / tba.
3. for woodwind quintet
Duration: 15’

Four visions (2003)
for guitar quartet
Duration: 15’

Divergence (2001)
1. for clarinet, marimba, violin and pianoforte
2. for flute, violin, violinvioloncello and pianoforte
3. for flute, clarinet, violinvioloncello and pianoforte
4. for piano trio
5. for piano quartet
Duration: 11’

Seasons (1998)
1. for soprano doubling pianoforte
2. for mezzo-soprano doubling pianoforte
3. for soprano and pianoforte
4. for mezzo-soprano and pianoforte
Duration: 6’

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